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Alfred Urrutia wrote:

> Brett Jensen wrote:

> Never seen that package. Here we use Lightwave for commercials and some feature
> modelling and Maya for everything else. Houdini is for procedural modelling,
> particles and Renderman shading. Softimage is dead, although the hardcores will
> probably want to use the Sumantra release.

Yeah, but unless you work for a studio or don't mind commiting grand theft, you can't
afford those packages. (Maya, Softimage) Truspace 4 is at least as good as max and LW,
Mabey better out of the box. The support for doing game stuff is better for max though.

> Who knows, if you learn to use Lightwave
> or Maya you could find a career in effects doing that stuff.

Nah, it's pretty much a hobby. I'm actually working on a technique for creating Black and
white comic line art using Cel shaded 3d objects. I've had some success with it,
unfortunately I have very little time to do that kinda stuff since I'm a stay at home
dad, with a 1 year old. (plus modelling characters is so tedious.)

> I was just wondering if they were poseable since there seemed to be a lack of that in
> the pics I saw. I assume you're going to have to go all out to beat the other
> contestants for that MG prize.

I'm not the guy who posted the pictures, I was just chimeing in that I recognised were he
got the mesh from. ^_^ I hate modelling other peoples designs it just gets boring, It's
much more fun to create your own stuff... mabey someday I'll finish that scopedog.

---Brett Jensen

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