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Brett Jensen wrote:

> Alfred Urrutia wrote:
> > If you can, change the textures for the suits, too, it looks plastic.
> When I create my mecha models I usually go for the shiny plastic look, that way it
> looks more like something out of anime. Of course these days I just use a Cel
> shader.

Ah, I thought you were after what the anime was trying to represent (realistic
machinery) vs. what it ends up looking like. I was thinking a little more along the
lines of the video games or G-Savior.

> BTW I use Truespace 4 which despite what some Max and Lightwave snobs will tell
> you Is a damn fine, feature rich package which costs at least half as much. It
> also has a very intuitive interface which unlike 3ds Max which still gives me
> nightmares.

Never seen that package. Here we use Lightwave for commercials and some feature
modelling and Maya for everything else. Houdini is for procedural modelling,
particles and Renderman shading. Softimage is dead, although the hardcores will
probably want to use the Sumantra release. Who knows, if you learn to use Lightwave
or Maya you could find a career in effects doing that stuff.

> BTW (again) The Gp-03 model in the picture was made by a guy named Harry Chang,
> who has also made some really incredible Star Wars models.

I was just wondering if they were poseable since there seemed to be a lack of that in
the pics I saw. I assume you're going to have to go all out to beat the other
contestants for that MG prize.


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