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Now that's going to be tough....Maybe somebody will have to cannibalize
their Zaku parts a little and paint them "Ranba Ral" blue(Or maybe somehow
modifty parts from the by-then released Ranba Ral Zaku I) or you can explain
the missing parts as severe battle damage....

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>I am having an argument w/ my friend about the death of Amuro Ray. He
>insists that he died inside the cockpit of a RX-78-3. But I clearly
>that in the CCA, he and Char were both killed while falling onto Earth. So
>which one of us is right? the stake for our bet is the upcoming MG Gouf.

Spoiler Space

You're both right. Your friend is refering to Amuro's death in Tomino's
novels, while you're referring to Char's Counterattack... Looks like you
and he have to split the MG Gouf...
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