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> But for what it's worth, few ships have the ability to carry more than a
> few mobile suits. Even the Gwazin, which has been claimed to carry as many
> as 20 mobile suits, was never observed to carry more than 6 in the
> animation. (Its 6-mobile suit playload is even noted in the TV series
> scripts.)

Well, there is always that monstrosity Doros Class:

Length 492M
Width 351M
Height 123.7M

8 double main guns,

Oh, launch capacity of 182 mobile suit. Seriously, Doros definately
qualified as a superweapon, that might have greatly contributed to Zeon's
defeat. During the battle of A Bao A Qu, Giren Zabi was counting on 1 Doros
carrier to hold off an entire fleet...

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