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As a modeler I would suggest what Alfred said.. But there are a couple of other
things too.. BTW im not to fond of Max's modeling. I dont think its bad, I just dont
like it... but I digress.. For gundams Id suggest starting with a cube , depending
how smooth you want to go start with 1x1x1 or up to 6x6x6. . Add some bevels before
you smoothe (max got a decent bevel) because otherwise youll get more cylindrical
parts if you want softened angular shape. Start with a low poly and get your
proportions nailed. Ive been working on an Aura Battler myself on and off(itll be a
combo of the original, the fantasm and takeya's designs)..Who knows when itll be
done.... Ive occasionally started with lofts and revolves (from NURBS).

Alfred Urrutia wrote:

> Well, from the improntu advice I'm getting around here it seems to be that for
> mechanical type things that your best bet is modelling in polys. Extrude,
> smooth, extrude, smooth, shoot someone in the head, repeat. It's what I thought,
> too, but I'd never tried modelling in nurbs directly so I wasn't sure if that
> would be better. Do a lot of measurements of the actual model's little plastic
> head if you have one around. I don't remember any Gundam references giving those
> stats so you'll have to figure it out on your own but having some starting point
> like it's 5 cm wide by 4.5cm deep by 6cm tall is at least a way to ballpark the
> whole thing so that it doesn't fight you so much. Modelling is hell, that's why
> I don't do it. I'm not sure how 3D Max works but I've been told that start and
> end with polys. Also, if you're going to use more than one texture map (FUCK!
> I'm going to kill our switchboard operator if he keeps up with those goofy sports
> stadium announcer style announcements overhead!! Just had to get that off my
> chest.) for different pieces of the head then I'd suggest splitting out the
> separate pieces. That way, if the maps for the head are fine but the map for the
> fin or the eyes sucks then you can just concentrate on fixing those. Now you see
> why modellers can make a lot of money in this industry.

Yeah when we get gigs!!!

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