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At 11:28 PM 9/17/00 EDT, you wrote:
> I am pretty sure that it's a slim chance that one could actually slick
>cable, but the chance is still there. The Wing Zero and Epyon got pretty
>close to each other, though. I do think the cable is strong though, just
>cannot stop or lessen, a beam saber blades power. A beam saber can cut
>through space ships, I am pretty sure of this.

I'll just say that if you're not good enough with a beam saber to block a
blow to the cable, you shouldn't be piloting the Epyon ;)

Perhaps the saber has a back-up battery built in... It would be reduced to
normal saber strength and duration, but it wouldn't lose the saber
completely if the cable got cut. Besides, if it's a choice between a
normal saber, or an extremely powerful saber with an unlimited lifespan
unless a small target gets sliced through (and even then, it might just
turn into a normal saber), which would you choose?


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