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Chris Maier wrote:

> Well, the fact of the matter is that I have extremely primitive 3D modeling
> software. EXTREMELY. Plus there are bitmap problems with the program ever
> since I upgraded my system to 98, the Bitmap textures end up being

Bitmaps? Wow, that is primitive. UV coordinates are the norm here. And
I wouldn't call using Windows 98 an upgrade. Out of curiosity, how expensive
are Lightwave and 3D Studio Max for the consumer? I don't purchase the ones
here and I'm sure we get some sort of discount for Lightwave, near worthless as
it is for film.

> misaligned and in some kind of freakish purple/green color. The solution to
> the problem is convert all my JPGs to BMPs, since the conversion process
> results in the warping of the color. But that would be incredibly
> tedious....
> Oh well. I actually just got this program up and running again after two
> years, so naturally I'm a little rusty on it as well.

I wasn't aware of your rustiness, I'm sure you'll get up and running without
too much hassle.


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