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I picked up William Gibson's latest (well, it was released last year I
think, but it had just come out in softcover, so I had to pick it up) and
found something a little interesting in it =) One of the background
characters is a crazy old Japanese guy living in a cardboard box, assembling
and painting very complicated robot models. A little farther in the book,
they're actually referred to as Gundam's by name. My man Gibson always did
have good taste :P It was interesting because I read all of Gibson's other
novels (save Idoru) before I got into anime, so I never picked up on some of
the little references like this.
It is however a good book (it's been a while since I picked up a book good
enough to read in a day) and Gibson fans who missed out up until this point
probably won't be dissapointed. If you've never read William Gibson ...
crikey ... goto the nearest library/bookstore and start from the beginning.
The man is a bloody genius.
Oh, and if any of you GMLers ever feel the need to move into a cardboard box
so you can devote yourself fully to your GunPla ... FIGHT THE URGE! Don't
give in :P

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