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Andrew Dynon wrote:
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> >Well, given Wing's rising popularity, it's only a matter of time. There IS a
> >nifty video done by some guys featuring Endless Waltz's footage set to
> >Rhythm Emotion(Not to be confused with Two-Mix's own video for the song)
> >that you should check out if you haven't already, however I would like to
> >see a decent Gundam video set to an english song, or in Engel's case,
> >German. "Danger Zone" might work with 0083, especially considering a lot of
> >the songs in 0083 sound a lot like something out of Top Gun....
> I've done a music video to "Danger Zone", using First, 0083, V and Wing
> footage, as well as Robotech, Nadesico, Brain Powerd and Magic Knight
> Rayearth.
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well are you gonna keep it to yourself or is ther a place wherewe cn go
and see this masterpeice? -:>

-Les, Music video otaku
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