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Chris Maier wrote:

> Just thought I'd show these, since they're on the net...
> here's the links to them....with technique and a little rating section
> underneath them(They are currently involved in a contest to win a Sazabi,
> feel free to vote :) ). Anyhow, the models themselves are freeware and are
> available if you look in the right places. Technically, they are 'built' by
> others but are freely distributed-and then posed and rendered by me,
> including the color variations. It's basically like a model kit. It's OK
> with the site that I use them to enter the contest...there will also be
> later entrants. But seeing as there is in an interest in 3D art here, I
> thought I'd show these...

On the assumptions that -

These models are capable of being posed as well as a HCM toy

You can do all the lighting, animating, rendering in that one package you're

The software is around as good as Lightwave or 3D Studio Max...

I'd say that your poses are way too simple, they appear to just be hanging
there. I'd get some sort of model box art type pose to start with and take it
from there. The comment about the star fields that somebody else put up is
true, they don't look like stars, they look like sats. Don't use so many fill
lights for the models if you're going for realistic looking renders, Use a sun
key that's a little yellow, an Earth fill that's a little bit cool (blue) and
maybe the slightest of bounce from the other MS. Any thrusters or gun shots
you may want to add would require extra fill/bounce lights. If you can,
change the textures for the suits, too, it looks plastic. I'm thinking some
renders like in the Gundam Fix book. Some of the space shots had the Earth in
there somewhere to sell the idea of the cooler light source, maybe you could
do something like that, a small sliver of Earth to the side to say that it's
there providing fill light. If you can do that (include a stillframe Earth)
then you might as well composite a starfield, too, instead trying to render
one. Space shots are nice, there's no blur or atmosphere to consider in space
and cg renders provide perfect alpha channels. Good luck.


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