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 AQUATICS: Wing boys, Char
  ARCHERY: Probably Treize, maybe some people from Turn A
  ATHLETICS (or "Track and Field" if you're an American): Either Domon
  running from a PO'd Rain or Hiro fleeing a certain queen-of-the-world
  pacifist stalker ;-)
  BADMINTON: Trowa and Quatre
  BASEBALL: The beefy Guys, Ryo, Sleggar, etc.
  BASKETBALL: The Wing boys. We've seen how hot Hiro and Duo are on the
  ball court.
  BOXING: Lots of contenders here. Domon and Chibodee Crocket from G-Gundam
  are favourites, but Hiro can also throw a good punch, as can Bright Noah
  and X's Jamil Neet.
  CANOE/KAYAK: Michael and Kiki from 08MST.
  CYCLING: Line the track with huge trucks, spikes, deathtraps, etc., and
you've got a Gold Medal Hiro
  EQUESTRIAN: Hiro and Char are the top contenders.
  FENCING: Hiro again, as well as Quatre and Dorothy. Amuro and Char are
  also contenders.
  FOOTBALL: Contenders are the casts of First, Zeta, ZZ and V, who all get
 to practice using Haro.
  GYMNASTICS: Allenby, easily.
  HANDBALL: See football.
  HOCKEY: Almost anyone
  JUDO: Domon
  MODERN PENTATHLON: Hiro is the clear favourite here, being a gold medal
  contender in three of the five events (Shooting, Fencing, Running)
  ROWING: Probably the same as Canoe/Kayak
  SAILING: Dunno. Any Gundam character been shown on a sailboat?
  SHOOTING: Hiro for pistol, Treize for rifle.
  SOFTBALL: No offense, but most of the women would be good at this.
  TABLE TENNIS: Quatre, maybe a few others
  TENNIS: Any quiet person.
   TRIATHLON: Probably the same as Track & Field. Hiro's endurance will be
  an advantage.
  VOLLEYBALL: Just to name someone, Allenby's Gundam is based on Sailor V,
  who is really Minako Aino, who plays volleyball, so Allenby wins.
  WEIGHTLIFTING: Algo Gorsky (sp?) from G-Gundam

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