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Cool, though perhaps a little stick like. :) I don't know what the
capabilities of your software are, but the starfield leaves a lot to be
desired. There's a freeware program out there somewhere called "universe" I
believe, which generated nice starfields and nebulas, which might be helpful
if you can composite an image as the background. Also check out terragen
for landscape stuff, it rules. By the way, where'd you find the models?

Peter Savin

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Subject: [gundam] My Gundam 3D renders

> Just thought I'd show these, since they're on the net...
> here's the links to them....with technique and a little rating section
> underneath them(They are currently involved in a contest to win a Sazabi,
> feel free to vote :) ). Anyhow, the models themselves are freeware and are
> available if you look in the right places. Technically, they are 'built'
> others but are freely distributed-and then posed and rendered by me,
> including the color variations. It's basically like a model kit. It's OK
> with the site that I use them to enter the contest...there will also be
> later entrants. But seeing as there is in an interest in 3D art here, I
> thought I'd show these...
> -
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