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>Richie Ramos wrote:
>> Yeah! and then we can have newtypes who can telekinetically move objects
>> and fire lightning bolts from their hands, and then they'll have beam
>> sabers shrunk down enough so that a human can use it...and then they make a
>> big version of the federation called the Republic...oops. I think I just
>> crossed over into another copyright, LOL!
>> think about it...
>> "Luke...I am CHAR! I see you've found yourself to be a Newtype! Oh yes, I
>> am your father."
>> "NOOOOOO! My real name is AMURO! And I say you're still to blame for
>> "WHAT??? You're the one who stabbed her ship!"
>> <resumes fighting>
>> The Emperor: "Here we go again..."
>> heheheheh. sory, just woke up.
>Char Vader - "Your concern for... sister! I have a sister! I have a
sister on
>board the White Base!"
>Amuro Skywalker - "NOOOO!!!!!!"

Zechs: Darlian was wise to hide her from me, but now his failure is
complete! If you will not turn to the Zero System side, perhaps SHE will.

Heero: [sweatdrop] Ano... I've already BEEN on the Zero System Side.
Andrew Dynon

"Now, we can do this the hard way, or... well, actually, there's just the
hard way."
- Buffy, _Welcome to the Hellmouth_

Doyle: I've been sent by The Powers That Be.
Angel: The powers that be what?
- Angel, "City Of..."

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