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On Tue, 19 Sep 2000 09:25:11 +1000 Alastair Warren <> wrote:
>Chris Maier wrote:
>> EW is coming October 20th, it's already been shown in Canada. It's
>> apparentally the movie edition-a reedited movie of all three episodes with
>> some new footage-that was shown.
>> 08th MS team will arrive next year, as far as I'm aware the dub has been
>> finished(It has been shown at some cons) and apparentally, it might be an
>> exclusive DVD release.
>> I wonder who they got to do the voices? I'm quessing that they probably
>> gave the Jet black/Admiral Cowen/Wheelchair guy in 0080 voice to Terry
>> Saunders, and maybe Wendee Lee to do Aina.
>PLEASE, GOD NO!!!!!!!! Everything she does turns to sh*te! I know of no other
>VA who can ruin an entire OVA like she did in Macross+.
>I really think it would be a tragedy if she did Ayna (SP?) She just cannot
>carry any emotion without hamming it up.
>I do agree that Jet Balck etc would be good for Saunders, though. He can do
>that gravelly, masculine thing the Japanese VA does ;-)
>Is there a tentative date for 08MS? First quarter....?

Hmmm.....that's funny....she's does a very good job as Faye Valentine on the Cowboy Bebop dub, and this is a dub that is almost universally accepted as being as good as the original (and some say better...). Vanessa on Robotech wasn't that bad either. Her Yuri in the Streamline Dirty Pair was pretty good too, I thought. I can't remember what else she was in that I have at the moment, and don't have time to hunt down the Animerica issue with her interview in it to find out, but from what I understand, she is considered one of the best female VAs out there today?

But I'm not sure she is quite right for Aina. Just doesn't seem to fit Aina's personality to me for some reason. I can see Noin's VA doing her though.

Oh, and personally, I thought Macross Plus was dubbed extremely well.


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