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Chris Maier wrote:

> EW is coming October 20th, it's already been shown in Canada. It's
> apparentally the movie edition-a reedited movie of all three episodes with
> some new footage-that was shown.
> 08th MS team will arrive next year, as far as I'm aware the dub has been
> finished(It has been shown at some cons) and apparentally, it might be an
> exclusive DVD release.
> I wonder who they got to do the voices? I'm quessing that they probably
> gave the Jet black/Admiral Cowen/Wheelchair guy in 0080 voice to Terry
> Saunders, and maybe Wendee Lee to do Aina.

PLEASE, GOD NO!!!!!!!! Everything she does turns to sh*te! I know of no other
VA who can ruin an entire OVA like she did in Macross+.

I really think it would be a tragedy if she did Ayna (SP?) She just cannot
carry any emotion without hamming it up.

I do agree that Jet Balck etc would be good for Saunders, though. He can do
that gravelly, masculine thing the Japanese VA does ;-)

Is there a tentative date for 08MS? First quarter....?


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