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EW is coming October 20th, it's already been shown in Canada. It's
apparentally the movie edition-a reedited movie of all three episodes with
some new footage-that was shown.
 08th MS team will arrive next year, as far as I'm aware the dub has been
finished(It has been shown at some cons) and apparentally, it might be an
exclusive DVD release.
 I wonder who they got to do the voices? I'm quessing that they probably
gave the Jet black/Admiral Cowen/Wheelchair guy in 0080 voice to Terry
Saunders, and maybe Wendee Lee to do Aina. I'm willing to venture Sean
Barker/David Hayter(The guy who played Bernie in 0080 wrote X-men, can you
believe it)? or the guy who played Kou Uraki for the part of Shiro, and the
woman who played Mora would be perfect for the female Gundam pilot(Forgot
her name).

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Does anyone know the details of the upcoming 08MS Team releases?

    As far as I know, there's been no advance on "NEXT YEAR" for some time.
Anyone know how many discs it's going to be? Or what's happening with the

    Also, what about EW? Are Bandai waiting until the finish releasing the
Wing series before releasing this? (Dunno when it's on CN, so this may be a
silly question)


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