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Dom Tetreault wrote:

> It depends on what you mean by overboard. Although, being a way-ex-MtG
> player, I wouldn't mind seeing a Gundam CCG. Wizards did a decent job with
> BattleTech, I thought. (Don't hit me!) At least I haven't seen GW candy
> being hawked at my local convenience store. Yet.

Not unless you count the GW Morinaga Choco balls, at your local asian food
store. They came with mini models. (cool)

> Oh, and Pokemon does deserve to be hated, if it warps people's minds this
> badly: my GF was digging around a hentai site (don't ask, I dunno either)
> and found a pic of Ash's lady sidekick. >( I mean, she's what, 12? Oy vey.

Haven't been into anime long have you? Otherwise you woulda found out about
certain Japanese "Tendencies". Ever heard the word Lolicon?

---Brett Jensen

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