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A Gundam with no V-fin?
Now that's going to get some people a little peeved.... I mean, even Turn A
had a variation on the V-fin, that being the 'moustache'. Then again, the
EZ8 managed to look cool without the V-fin, but still, it was only the
upgrade Gundam.
 I also recall originally Zeta was not going to have the fin(Evidence being
the first opening) but it later got the fin anyway.
 Maybe you should buy the Newtype :)

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>A few questions-
>(1)Did it have a variation on the V-fin and the blue/red/white/yellow color
>(2)Any pics of the new Char and Amuro?

The picture has you looking up at the gunboy from below, you can
barely make out the head. I think it has two eyes, but I don't think
it has a v-fin and it is painted only grey. Instead of hands, it has
very simple claw-like manipulators. There is no "super" robot left in
this version.

There was a drawing of a person who might be amuro but I couldn't be
sure. He was tall and gangly like all the other charas.

I would scan the pics, but the Newtype was the store's copy I was browsing.

BTW, the online english newtype has a section where you rate your
interest in the various articles. I hope everyone has voted For The


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