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Regarding Outlaw Star that's still up in the air, but apparentally it was
officially announced. Oddly, Z-mind was not formally announced by Bandai but
looking over the credentials of Ocean Studios, it's listed. So it will be
coming to America, perhaps on TV. Unless there's some American show called
Z-mind. I think Mark might know more about Z-mind, I think he might have
reviewed it "in Best Of The East", but I'm not entirely certain about that.

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> Well, even though Gundam makes some concessions to merchandising, we

Some? =) I think Gundam beats Pokemon in the video game department
hands-down. Of course, this may also be due to the fact that the Pokemon
franchise got started on Nintendo products, and we all know how *they're*

> to remember that Star Wars does basically the same thing. I mean,
> every thing from the movies are available on toy store shelves. Also,

Star Trek: the Animated Series. *shiver*

> shodinness. Part of Gundam's strength is not only is it an enjoyable show,
> but a fun hobby as well.

Hobby yes, toys no. I'm starting to think the kiddo who nicked my Double X
thought it was some sort of new MSiA, even though it's way too big. I'm 97%
sure it ended up in the dumpster after he found out that it doesn't make a
good toy.

> As for whether Gundam is viewed as a toy commercial, I asked a
> proffessional movie critic to examine Wing after a scathing article on
> Pokemon and anime in general(Including Princess Mononoke!) suprisingly

*wonders if he'll ever get the San vs Eboshi Action Playset =P*

> As long as Bandai doesn't go too overboard with the merchandising, I
> Gundam will not fall into the pit of Pokemon and Star Wars and become so

It depends on what you mean by overboard. Although, being a way-ex-MtG
player, I wouldn't mind seeing a Gundam CCG. Wizards did a decent job with
BattleTech, I thought. (Don't hit me!) At least I haven't seen GW candy
being hawked at my local convenience store. Yet.

Oh, and Pokemon does deserve to be hated, if it warps people's minds this
badly: my GF was digging around a hentai site (don't ask, I dunno either)
and found a pic of Ash's lady sidekick. >( I mean, she's what, 12? Oy vey.

> TV, with Escaflowne, Big O, Outlaw Star, Z-mind and yes, even Dinozaurs

O.O When is Outlaw Star comin on? Not that my three-channel TV will be able
to get it. =)

- dom

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