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Chris Maier asks,

> I'm wondering, is the Gwazine class ship we see in 0083 the Gwanban,
> as seen in Z or ZZ?

  Nope. There is a Gwazin-class ship in 0083 - the Gwaden, Delaz's flagship.
There's also a Gwanban-class ship in 0083 - the Axis Advance Fleet flagship,
which I think is called the Gwanzan. Though the Gwanban class resembles the
Gwazin class, they're actually completely different types of ship.

Ricky Lai writes,

> Bandai stated in its "Entertainment Bible 37 -- Gundam
> Mechanic Encyclopedia," among other sources regarding vessels,
> that the Gwanban replaced Gwadan after the latter was sunk,
> with Gwanban possessing higher firepower, MS capacity, and
> cruising range.

  The Gwanban definitely replaced the Gwadan as flagship after episode 46 of
Z Gundam. In episode 47, we see that Hamaan has shifted her base of
operations to the Gwanban, escorted by a couple of Endora-class cruisers.
(Yes, all these ships appeared first in Z, not ZZ.)

  Since the Gwanban was presumably constructed long before the destruction
of the Gwadan - indeed, 0083 indicates that this class of ship is at least
four or five years old - we can safely assume that it's inferior to the
Gwadan. Certainly, it's less than half the size.

  Midway through ZZ, Hamaan gets a new flagship, the Sadaran. Since the
Gwanban is still around at this point - it shows up again in the final
episodes - we can safely assume that the Sadaran is superior to the Gwanban,
though not as large or impressive as the Gwadan. Based on line art of its MS
hangar, the Sadaran appears to carry only 10 mobile suits; the standard Axis
cruiser, the Endora, carries 6, so there's a pretty small gap in terms of MS

  But for what it's worth, few ships have the ability to carry more than a
few mobile suits. Even the Gwazin, which has been claimed to carry as many
as 20 mobile suits, was never observed to carry more than 6 in the
animation. (Its 6-mobile suit playload is even noted in the TV series

-- Mark

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