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> Well, even though Gundam makes some concessions to merchandising, we

Some? =) I think Gundam beats Pokemon in the video game department
hands-down. Of course, this may also be due to the fact that the Pokemon
franchise got started on Nintendo products, and we all know how *they're*

> to remember that Star Wars does basically the same thing. I mean,
> every thing from the movies are available on toy store shelves. Also,

Star Trek: the Animated Series. *shiver*

> shodinness. Part of Gundam's strength is not only is it an enjoyable show,
> but a fun hobby as well.

Hobby yes, toys no. I'm starting to think the kiddo who nicked my Double X
thought it was some sort of new MSiA, even though it's way too big. I'm 97%
sure it ended up in the dumpster after he found out that it doesn't make a
good toy.

> As for whether Gundam is viewed as a toy commercial, I asked a
> proffessional movie critic to examine Wing after a scathing article on
> Pokemon and anime in general(Including Princess Mononoke!) suprisingly

*wonders if he'll ever get the San vs Eboshi Action Playset =P*

> As long as Bandai doesn't go too overboard with the merchandising, I
> Gundam will not fall into the pit of Pokemon and Star Wars and become so

It depends on what you mean by overboard. Although, being a way-ex-MtG
player, I wouldn't mind seeing a Gundam CCG. Wizards did a decent job with
BattleTech, I thought. (Don't hit me!) At least I haven't seen GW candy
being hawked at my local convenience store. Yet.

Oh, and Pokemon does deserve to be hated, if it warps people's minds this
badly: my GF was digging around a hentai site (don't ask, I dunno either)
and found a pic of Ash's lady sidekick. >( I mean, she's what, 12? Oy vey.

> TV, with Escaflowne, Big O, Outlaw Star, Z-mind and yes, even Dinozaurs

O.O When is Outlaw Star comin on? Not that my three-channel TV will be able
to get it. =)

- dom

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