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-Z- wrote:

> Insofar as I've seen, Cartoon Network has shown Gundam Wing without reference to
> the action figures that are now becoming available, but that could change. I'd
> really hate to see that, because it woul make Cartoon Network no different from
> Kids WB in regard to targeted marketing.
> -Z-

...or every tv station in japan. I like having a wide variety of merchandise
available. As with everything else in this discussion, it's the parents who need to
decide what their kids Watch/hear/buy.

There are too many weak willed parents these days, and alot of spoiled brats. This
however isn't my problem and I want the @$%&*!! (To quote Qbert) Government to stay
outta my buisness!

BTW, the inane "Gotta catch em all" song and logo, were added to the US version by
the same kind of sandy frank wanna bes who destroy almost all anime on US tv.

---Brett Jensen

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