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> Subject: [gundam] Gwazine in 0083
> This is a good question. The Axis Re-con Fleet's flagship spotted in 0083 is
> Gwanzan, a more sophisticated version of Delaz's Gwanban. The "new" flagship
> the Axis/Neo-Zeon fleet in 0088 (Z and ZZ) is called Gwanban, as you wrote.
> according to Bandai's very confusing information released, they should be
> different ships. Bandai stated in its "Entertainment Bible 37 -- Gundam
> Mechanic Encyclopedia," among other sources regarding vessels, that the
> replaced Gwadan after the latter was sunk, with Gwanban possessing higher
> firepower, MS capacity, and cruising range. I asked Mark Simmons before about
> large battleships contemporary to Gwadan, and he reckons that Gwadan,
> the largest battleship ever built in the UC universe, to be over a kilometer
> length. Now, if Bandai really thinks that Gwanban is superior to Gwadan in
> those aspects, wouldn't Gwanban be one hell of a monster battleship!? Looking
> back at the info on Gwanzan in 0083, it is only 415 meters long. Obviously,
> that cannot be a battleship which is superior to Gwadan.
> Another consideration about the comparison between Gwadan and Gwanban: why
> Haman replace her flagship in the ZZ series when the existing one, Gwanban,
> so good? Although I am not entirely sure of Sadaran's specs (but I'd surely
> dispute those who claim that it only holds 8 MS's), it is unlikely that this
> all-rounded, excellent mobile battleship is larger than Gwadan. Judging from
> shot towards the end of ZZ, in which the morons on Neul-Aghama are trying to
> analyze Haman's fleet, Sadaran appears to be roughly twice the size of an
> class, which is about 410 meters. Therefore, in descending order of size, the
> flagships of the Axis/Neo-Zeon fleet should be Gwadan, Sadaran, then Gwanban.
> Any thoughts anyone?

According tp Burke's Mecha Domain:

Unit Type: battleship
Overall Length: 440 meters
Overall Width: 320 meters
Overall Height: 103 meters
Full Weight: 108100 tons
Propulsion System: rocket engine ? 8
Armament: double main gun ? 3, double secondary gun ? 10, 155mm machinegun ?
Mobile Suits: 20
Ships of the Line: Gwaden (from Mobile Suit Gundam 0083: Stardust Memory)
Mechanical Designer: Kunio Okawara

Unit Type: large battleship
Armament: double main gun ? 2, double secondary gun ? 10, secondary gun ? 4
Ships of the Line: Gwaley (from Gundam Sentinel)

Unit Type: battleship
Overall Length: 415 meters
Armament: main gun ? 5, mega particle gun ? 3
Ships of the Line: Gwanzan (from Mobile Suit Gundam 0083: Stardust Memory)

Unit Type: mobile battleship
Armament: double main gun ? 6, mega particle gun ? 2, laser gun ? 31, missile
launcher ? 6
Mobile Suits: 10
Launch Catapults: 2
Komusai Shuttles: 1

As you note, there are no official specs for the size of the Gwanban and Sadaran
classes, but I think it's a mistake to equate size with power. Look instead to
the armament.


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