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>Subject: Re: [gundam] Gundam fighters in G Gundam flashback

>>I've seen the first two episodes of G Gundam, there is a >flashback
>>pastel drawings of previous Gundam fighters. Do these >flashback >Gundams
>>names or lineart? Some of them look vaguely familiar, I could >swear I saw
>>GP01 in there or something similar...

>When you watch the end battle with the Devil Gundam, you'll see lots of
>cameos in there. Pause and look around, it'd be like playing 'Where's
>Waldo.' Good if you've got the episodes lying in your closet, and need a
>reason to watch them.

I'm pretty sure that the RX-78-2 was there. Anyone know exactly which
Gundams make cameos?
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