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> << who the hell said anything about it stopping beam sabers? i was talking
> about armoring it agaisnt stay bullets from machine cannons, soft armor
> can dissipate force, sometimes better than hard armor because it is
> flexable.. the Epyonn can defend itself adequatly against beam sabers
> the only thing hurting that cord again as i said is blind luck.. >>
> No one did and I don't appercite your language. Anyway, I was just adding
> it as a random thought, so get a grip, I didn't mean to offend by bringing
> beam sabers up. Besides, this is nothing to get upset about, it's just a
> normal, friendly discussion here.
> Yes, Soft armor would help prevent stray bullets. Remember, towards the end
> of GW, all the MS have BEAM weapons and I don't think soft, light armor would
> stop a beam shot, but stray bullets Yes Remember, lasers weapons can be
> reflected away if the armor is reflective.
> I thought we where talking about a Gundam vs. Gundam, not a Gundam vs. mass
> prodcued MS battle/fight. Why does the cable need to be protected at all,
> since it has a shield? I just remembered that the Epyon could just use it's
> to protect the cable, right?
> Aaron
exaclty my poiint, Epyon can easily protect itself from stray what have
you cutting it's cord so to speak, and bullets are about the only
concern other than missile shrapnel which could be defeated by
asoft-armored cord anyway.. gundams do have machine cannons and vulcans
which is why i noted that and beam weapons generaly don't have the rate
of fire to allow a high probability of stray shots hitting anywheare. a
single beam cannon shot unless you were ordered to disable and not
destroy is something you will likely aim at center mass, in which case
the gundam will have bigger worries than wil his beam saber's power
supply get hit.. with machine cannons there is more chance of that
getting struck especially if it has a high rate of fire with bullets
going practically everywhere


P.S. sorry for yelling

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