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<< that's not what i ment, what i was trying to illustrate was usually
 combatants are far too busy trying to survive and perhaps win the gith
 to think of how they can exicute cool disabling moves like hit the cord
 hangig off the side of the mecha.. and i said 'soft' armor, like
 Gundam-style Kevlar or something..

  Right, Yes a know what you meant, even if it sounds like I don't. I don't
think any mecha in Gundam has any type of soft armor. A beam saber can cleave
the whole robot in half, so I don't think soft armor would stop a beam saber
slash either. As armor soft enough to bend, is not as strong as heavy armor.
Soft armor is light armor. An articulated, plated cord, like it's whip would
be more resistent to a beam sabler slash, then soft armor would. Yeah, I am
pretty sure the soft armor in Gundam is pretty advanced, but it still would
not be as strong as Gundamrium(spelled that wrong, probably!). Armor DOES NOT
stop a blow from hitting, it's lessens the blows force, to lessen the damage
the blow does. Knights armor was made to deflect blows, not stop them. I do
not know if this still applies today, not. But it does seem to apply to
Gundam or at least GW.

  I am pretty sure that it's a slim chance that one could actually slick it's
cable, but the chance is still there. The Wing Zero and Epyon got pretty
close to each other, though. I do think the cable is strong though, just
cannot stop or lessen, a beam saber blades power. A beam saber can cut
through space ships, I am pretty sure of this.


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