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This is a good question. The Axis Re-con Fleet's flagship spotted in 0083 is
Gwanzan, a more sophisticated version of Delaz's Gwanban. The "new" flagship of
the Axis/Neo-Zeon fleet in 0088 (Z and ZZ) is called Gwanban, as you wrote. If,
according to Bandai's very confusing information released, they should be
different ships. Bandai stated in its "Entertainment Bible 37 -- Gundam
Mechanic Encyclopedia," among other sources regarding vessels, that the Gwanban
replaced Gwadan after the latter was sunk, with Gwanban possessing higher
firepower, MS capacity, and cruising range. I asked Mark Simmons before about
large battleships contemporary to Gwadan, and he reckons that Gwadan, supposedly
the largest battleship ever built in the UC universe, to be over a kilometer in
length. Now, if Bandai really thinks that Gwanban is superior to Gwadan in all
those aspects, wouldn't Gwanban be one hell of a monster battleship!? Looking
back at the info on Gwanzan in 0083, it is only 415 meters long. Obviously,
that cannot be a battleship which is superior to Gwadan.

Another consideration about the comparison between Gwadan and Gwanban: why would
Haman replace her flagship in the ZZ series when the existing one, Gwanban, was
so good? Although I am not entirely sure of Sadaran's specs (but I'd surely
dispute those who claim that it only holds 8 MS's), it is unlikely that this
all-rounded, excellent mobile battleship is larger than Gwadan. Judging from a
shot towards the end of ZZ, in which the morons on Neul-Aghama are trying to
analyze Haman's fleet, Sadaran appears to be roughly twice the size of an Endora
class, which is about 410 meters. Therefore, in descending order of size, the
flagships of the Axis/Neo-Zeon fleet should be Gwadan, Sadaran, then Gwanban.

Any thoughts anyone?

Chris Maier wrote:

> I'm wondering, is the Gwazine class ship we see in 0083 the Gwanban, as seen
> in Z or ZZ?
> Chris
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