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> << sure it LOKS vulnerable, but think about it, the only way you can attack
> it is from the right side, and even then your'e gonna have ot go throuhg
> the arm or wing to get ot it, or perhaps even the beam sword itself when
> the pilot parries you, in the heat of battle you're probably not
> thinking, "oh, dosn't that cable look vulnerable i think i'll hit that"
> it's more like "oh that guy is scary, how can i stop him from hitting
> me?" anytime in a fight when you are directly engaged and have time to
> plan out a move like that somebody's doing something wrong.. if that
> cable ever did get severed it would most likely be just by dumb luck and
> i think i twould be coated in enough 'soft' armor to keep sprays form
> vulcans and perhaps most machine cannons from worrying it
> >>
> A Gundam pilot isn't scared of a scary looking robot, LOL! a every day
> pilot yeah, but not one used to fighting. I don't think the cable has armor
> on it, if it did, it would probably look like the heated, articulated whip
> attached to its shield. Its not a smart move to let an enemy's appearance
> alone determine your moves in a fight, looks can be deceiving. It's the pilot
> that makes the machine to a certain extent, not the machine itself. Epyon's
> scary look does no good if a novice takes it up aganist a Gundam pilot that
> will not let the Epyon's look mess with s/he's mind.
that's not what i ment, what i was trying to illustrate was usually
combatants are far too busy trying to survive and perhaps win the gith
to think of how they can exicute cool disabling moves like hit the cord
hangig off the side of the mecha.. and i said 'soft' armor, like
Gundam-style Kevlar or something..


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