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> << find a way for the sword to be that powerful and have limitless duration
> and i'll jump on the no cable band-wagon t >>
> The cable doesn't really bother me looks wise, but is a venerable part, if
> the cable gets cut, wouldn't that put its sword out of action? I am sure
> there was no way to make a wireless version of the sword due to the energy it
> needs or it would have been made wireless.
sure it LOKS vulnerable, but think about it, the only way you can attack
it is from the right side, and even then your'e gonna have ot go throuhg
the arm or wing to get ot it, or perhaps even the beam sword itself when
the pilot parries you, in the heat of battle you're probably not
thinking, "oh, dosn't that cable look vulnerable i think i'll hit that"
it's more like "oh that guy is scary, how can i stop him from hitting
me?" anytime in a fight when you are directly engaged and have time to
plan out a move like that somebody's doing something wrong.. if that
cable ever did get severed it would most likely be just by dumb luck and
i think i twould be coated in enough 'soft' armor to keep sprays form
vulcans and perhaps most machine cannons from worrying it

> Honorable duels are a good idea to me. Two expert fighters/pilots could
> decide the opposing sides deputes without further blood shed, too bad it's
> basically just in the realm of ficiton now. One does not need swords for a
> duel though, it could be guns, rifles, fists, etc. There are times when an
> enemy has no honor and must be dealt with in the equal way. I would equip the
> Epyon with a beam rifle to deal with these type of enemys.

epyon dosnt need a rifle for thos enemeis, it's agile enough and with
the pseudo-precognizant abilities imparted by the ZERO system can evade
incoming fire untill it can close in and with it's speed it can run-down
almost any opponent and lay the smack down. besides, Treie designed this
gundam ot follow his martial ideals and stooping ot your enemy's level
dosn't sound like him
> Aaron

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