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<< find a way for the sword to be that powerful and have limitless duration
 and i'll jump on the no cable band-wagon t >>

  The cable doesn't really bother me looks wise, but is a venerable part, if
the cable gets cut, wouldn't that put its sword out of action? I am sure
there was no way to make a wireless version of the sword due to the energy it
needs or it would have been made wireless.

  Honorable duels are a good idea to me. Two expert fighters/pilots could
decide the opposing sides deputes without further blood shed, too bad it's
basically just in the realm of ficiton now. One does not need swords for a
duel though, it could be guns, rifles, fists, etc. There are times when an
enemy has no honor and must be dealt with in the equal way. I would equip the
Epyon with a beam rifle to deal with these type of enemys. I would keep it's
current weapons along with a rifle. The rifle would be nice in MA mode as
well. I would also have vulcans installed in either the chest, head or
shoulders, it depends where there's room in the Epyon's body for the vulcans.
If I could draw good, I would draw the Epyon with a rifle and added vulcans.


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