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where do you find these videos? anyone got URls to some good sites to
download them from? or are they only available at cons?


Echo|Fox wrote:
> Not that I've seen. I follow the web anime music video scene pretty closely
> and I've never seen anything Gundam related of note. In fact, I've only seen
> one done to Wing footage but it was REALLY poorly done .. choreography was
> all wrong, the music didn't fit the show, etc. It was basically just a
> series of clips linked together with little rhyme or reason. Let me tell
> you, I'd love to see what Maboroshi Studios could do with some Gundam
> footage...
> Perhaps I'll get around to trying my hand at it now that my new 30gig drive
> is here, and I actually have the diskspace to rip my CCA DVD and work with
> it.....
> And I do agree, the Eva/Engel one is the single coolest video I've seen in
> my life ... the levels they went to lip synch it were bloody amazing.
> Another of my favorites is a Kenshin video done to Stabbing Westward's Torn
> Apart. Doesn't take it quite to the same level as the Engel video, but the
> music matches the footage so well its hard not to like. I've got 3 cd's of
> burned anime music video's I've pulled from various places around the 'net
> and there are some people with serious mad skillz out there ;p
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> > Anybody know if anybody has constructed music videos of Gundam Wing-or any
> > other Gundam-using modern songs? I've seen some pretty hilarious or
> > well-done videos for Evangelion(Engel), DBZ(Particle man) plus some real
> > nice ones for Macross and Wings of Hommenaise. I'm not talking about J-pop
> > videos, but footage put to American songs.
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