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Not that I've seen. I follow the web anime music video scene pretty closely
and I've never seen anything Gundam related of note. In fact, I've only seen
one done to Wing footage but it was REALLY poorly done .. choreography was
all wrong, the music didn't fit the show, etc. It was basically just a
series of clips linked together with little rhyme or reason. Let me tell
you, I'd love to see what Maboroshi Studios could do with some Gundam
Perhaps I'll get around to trying my hand at it now that my new 30gig drive
is here, and I actually have the diskspace to rip my CCA DVD and work with
And I do agree, the Eva/Engel one is the single coolest video I've seen in
my life ... the levels they went to lip synch it were bloody amazing.
Another of my favorites is a Kenshin video done to Stabbing Westward's Torn
Apart. Doesn't take it quite to the same level as the Engel video, but the
music matches the footage so well its hard not to like. I've got 3 cd's of
burned anime music video's I've pulled from various places around the 'net
and there are some people with serious mad skillz out there ;p

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> Anybody know if anybody has constructed music videos of Gundam Wing-or any > other Gundam-using modern songs? I've seen some pretty hilarious or > well-done videos for Evangelion(Engel), DBZ(Particle man) plus some real > nice ones for Macross and Wings of Hommenaise. I'm not talking about J-pop > videos, but footage put to American songs. > > > - > Gundam Mailing List Archives are available at >

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