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garrick lee wrote:
> actually i like the big beam sword (except for the
> silly cable attachment).

find a way for the sword to be that powerful and have limitless duration
and i'll jump on the no cable band-wagon to

 and the way it's shaped (no
> innuendos now...). and the way the epyon looks so
> evil with it. (put the epyon sword with the EW wing
> zero, and you can make a neat angel of death mecha).
> katoki's gundam fix of the epyon was way cool though.
*sigh* i'd like to be able to share my opinion of the Katoki epyon, but
alas i have not seen it :<.. would you like to possibly correct that
situation? :>

> i just dislike the really senseless mobile armor form
> of the epyon. it was such a brain-fart of a
> transformation. explain to me how it's supposed to be
> faster in that mode. what are the advantages of the
> mobile armor mode? flight capability isn't a good
> reason for the transformation, as the mobile armor
> mode is actually more cumbersome and impractical (as
> opposed to the zeta, or zetaplus).
maybe not faster, but with wing surfaces for lift it could devote mor
thrust toward foreward flight and less toward holding it up in the air
thus making it more feuol eficient, that's how i view the mobile armor
mode, as a long-range cruise mode.. though the point is likely moot
because from what i can tell Katoki mecha are non-transformable

> and that the epyon has no other armament aside from
> the sword and whip (now that's kinky :P), really bugs
> me. by all rights, the wing zero should have whupped
> the epyon from one end of the galaxy to the other (not
> just barely winning the fight, like heero did). with
> vulcans, machine cannons and a helluva grandaddy
> buster rifle...there's no excuse for the zero to not
> win convincingly.

Wing Zero had the uper hand in firepower and perhaps armor but Epyon had
the advantage in speed and maneuverability, all those mean bad-ass
weapons mean squat if you can't hit the target

> then again, i've never been one to promote honorable
> duel when one can blast away from a safe distance.
> >:)

which is hy in that deul what was one of the first things Zechs did?
used the whip to grappe the buster rifle and put that out of the
> yes, i like what chris mackenzie did. :) i woulda
> done the same thing in her place. kampfer challenges
> me to a duel, i'd blast away with the arm gatlings.
> -garr

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