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I'm trying to work on it right now actually, I've got a pretty good Epyon
going, but the Sazabi is a pain :(. Anyway, I'm having the "Council of evil
mecha" hold a meeting on elections for their leader. Epyon is boasting since
he's got cross-continental popularity, Sazabi thinks he deserves the seat
because so many people want to buy his model, and the other bad guys(Char's
Zaku II, GP02, Tallgeese, Big O, Pscycho Gundam)are forced to watch this
debate unfold before them. Unfortunately I don't have a scanner and have to
photograph my images via webcam, so the images appear grey and slightly
blurry, but I'll try to send some pics to Burke once I'm done.

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Have you tried diverting a story from the SRW series?
Try existing all know gundam factions at the same times.
(AEUG,Zeon,NeoZeon,Titans,eg.) To make the dimension wider you can add
other factions from other timelines(OZ,Shuffle Faction, White Fang)

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> > I'm thinking of drawing an SD Gundam manga, anybody have any ideas
> for
> > plotlines?
> The bad guys have to rescue the good Gundams from the evil clutches
> of
> (Insert evil thing here). Perhaps Bandai of America?
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