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I'm curious...will the game work with Bleem or a gameshark? I purchased my
PSX in late 1998, so the I/P is OK.
 I'm also wondering-does anybody know if the American version of PS2, since
it can play PS1 games as well as Ps2 games, will be able to play Japanese
PS1 games?

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>Ah I see. Thanks for that info because I was thinking about buying PS
>version as well to see the difference ^^ Guess I don't have to do this at
>least ^^

If you have both PS and DC, I'd go for the DC version - saves you a lot of
time waiting for the disc loads or computer "strategizing". The only thing
that makes the PS version appealing is the companion disc, which came out a
while ago, that basically shows you the FMVs among other stuff. There was
one such disc for the Sega Saturn version, and I believe a DC version will
eventually come out.

>>To spawn Garma's Reborn Zeon, try the following:
>>- Do not investigate the Fed's Operation V
>Well, the investigation, when I chose not to investigate it, Dozul will
>on repeating saying that 'WHAT BRO? THIS MIGHT BE ACTUALLY RELATED TO
>Operation V~! THINK IT OVER' and no matter what you say, he will keep on
>repeating saying that until you comply so that is out ot question.

Don't shoot the messager, the info came directly from the diagram off the
game's guidebook published by Keibunsha and put together by Studio Hard's
Team 3.

>If I remember correctly once White Base lands in North America, he reports
>that he had lost and apologizes to you for the loss but few turns later, he
>would come back to you and say that Char might be in that ship as a
>so he would like to go and hunt White Base down. Now, I chose NO for this
>because I thought he might die, just like in the regular story. Did I had
>to say YES for this? Because if I say NO, Dozul will agree with me then
>recommend to send Ramba Rall and his minions to hunt White Base instead.
>And if you choose yes, he will be missing for a while but comes back to you
>saying that he lost. However he also says that he would be able to win if
>he have 1 platoon of Doms and ask you for the permission. Kishiria doesn't
>agree with this point of view but I did say YES and sent Doms to Ral and he
>did capture the White Base.

Kickass, this event would have helped spawn Garma's Reborn Zeon, but you
probably should have avoided the Operation V incident altogether too.


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