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>As far as I can tell it's identical to the PSX version (although I haven't
>played either extensively yet, if the DC version has extras over the PS
>version Bandai sure would have made a big deal out of it) except that the
>game loads and runs faster, thanks to the DC's superior hardware.

Ah I see. Thanks for that info because I was thinking about buying PS
version as well to see the difference ^^ Guess I don't have to do this at
least ^^

>To spawn Garma's Reborn Zeon, try the following:
>- Do not investigate the Fed's Operation V

Well, the investigation, when I chose not to investigate it, Dozul will keep
Operation V~! THINK IT OVER' and no matter what you say, he will keep on
repeating saying that until you comply so that is out ot question.

>- Do not send a recon team to Side 7

I think similar thing happens with sending recon team made out of Char,
Doren and those dumb Zaku trios but definitely there is a choice of whether
or not I would resupply him after his initial lose to the White Base? If I
choose this I know Garma will die as in regular storyline so I choose not to
supply him. Then later, CHar gets defeated and he becomes MIA for a while.
As far as I could remember, Garma then tells you that Char is his friend and
he will try to look for him. And later as an event White Base lands in
North America and Garma apologizes to you for his loss.

>- When Ramba Ral requests to lead the attack on the White Base, deny him.
> If you allow it, he would be defeated. Agree to supply him if you have
> already researched and developed the Dom. This will help him kick some
> serious ass...

If I remember correctly once White Base lands in North America, he reports
that he had lost and apologizes to you for the loss but few turns later, he
would come back to you and say that Char might be in that ship as a prisoner
so he would like to go and hunt White Base down. Now, I chose NO for this
because I thought he might die, just like in the regular story. Did I had
to say YES for this? Because if I say NO, Dozul will agree with me then
recommend to send Ramba Rall and his minions to hunt White Base instead.
And if you choose yes, he will be missing for a while but comes back to you
saying that he lost. However he also says that he would be able to win if
he have 1 platoon of Doms and ask you for the permission. Kishiria doesn't
agree with this point of view but I did say YES and sent Doms to Ral and he
did capture the White Base.

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