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> There will an official Gundam Wing launch event in Toronto, Canada at
> ...

So I went, and I built, but I didn't conquer. The competition was
invitation only to four university-based anime clubs in Toronto, I went
there representing the one club who had no one else interested in it.

Anyway it was great fun, I took a lot of pictures and both pictures and
article are ready to be posted on NA. Just waiting for Ben to fix up the
FTP server now -_^ Keep an eye on NA for the next few days.

BTW, as consolation prize, I got a MG GP-01Fb. Now it's a nice kit and
all, but I have enought Gundams already. Is anyone interested to trade a
MG Dom for it? Of course I will throw in cash or another model to make up
the price difference.

Actually a SF3D (Ma.K) kit would also be a good trade, the FladerMaus
(sp?) would be perfect :)

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