garrick lee (
Sat, 16 Sep 2000 22:02:59 -0700 (PDT)

i do believe katoki redid an epyon. i haven't seen it
myself, but richie told me about it.

*stomps richie when he's not looking*

it looks far more evil than the standard epyon (far
outdoing the bat ears of master gundam, if i recall
correctly), and the mechanics of the legs are more
snakelike, like the arms of the dragon gundam (g
gundam). big honking beam sword is no longer
attached by cable to the belt, too.

i never did like the eypon though.


--- Leslie_R <> wrote:
> i've been thinking about this myself.. would love to
> see a Katoki retcon
> Epyon.. maybe it'd have bat-wings like Wing Zero
> hass bird-like angelic
> ones.. perhaps skeletal in appearance.. to go with
> the whole demonic
> motif
> -Les
> Chris Maier wrote:
> >
> > Did Katoki ever do his take on the Epyon? I know
> it doesn't show up in
> > Endless Waltz, but I figure that Katoki must have
> scribbled down a picture
> > somewhere of it. Anybody know if such a drawing
> exists anywhere?
> > Personally, I think he probably made it look like
> the Wing Zero custom, but
> > with more 'evil' chearacteristics, and also
> probably gave it more massive
> > Wings. As for the heat shield, it'd probably look
> a lot like Tallgeese IIIs,
> > I would suppose...
> >
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