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> Funny you should mention Pokémon, because I consider that one of the worst
> offenders in the entire "targeted at kids" milieu. Computer games,
> card games, Tv series, movies, toys, lunch boxes, clothes, all to the tune
> "Gotta catch 'em all!" And 150 Pokémon weren't enough, now they're
> over 100 more? OK, merchandizing is where the money is, but what happened
> the supposed regulation against advertising something within the body of a
> show that's essentially an advertisement in and of itself?
> -Z-

The problem is -Z- that these aren't Soap Operas endorcing products
in the script, or ET with Reces Pieces. Poke-Digi-stupid-crap is a 'show'
and I use the term loosely. What gets sold is franchise merchendise, and
you can't stop people from milking the license for a popular show. Now
the characters in the show don't endorse the trading card game by playing
the game itself on the show, they don't play gameboy copies of themself
and they don't carry themselves on lunchboxes, so they aren't advertising
their merchendise at all, just providing a franchise to get milked.

But it is like Gundam MS variations, and extra toy-like transformable MS
a very contrived show element that doesn't even pretend it wasn't done to
sell MORE toys... cards, gameboy games, lunchpails whatever...


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