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<< I thought the territorial lockout they've insisted on being part of the
 DVD format was supposed to address the issue... >>

  Nothing can prevent piracy. Hinder it Yes, but not prevent it. People
always eventually break these protections. Its arrogant for a company to
claim they can totally prevent piracy 100%. Yes, piracy is a major problem,
but piracy protection shouldn't block the use of imports. I really doubt
piracy is keeping them from releasing this in the US or elsewhere, as Bandai
already puts stuff out on DVD.

  I think they are preparing a major event for when it's shown, I.E., a
special event, that could show case G-Savior kits and/or toys/MSiA's along
with the movie. You know Bandai will most likely make at least 1/144 HG level
G-Savior kits and maybe a few MSiA's. I would buy every one of the G-Savior
kits, except for the skinny, skeleton armed one. I really like the G-Savior


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