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Well, Super-deformed is a term used in anime/manga in which a character
suddenly 'shrinks' and their head becomes larger than most of their body.
It's an interesting comic effect and pretty funny in some places. Dragon
Half, Tenchi In Tokyo, Nadesico and Magic Knight Rayearth use the
Super-deformed effect quite often, to name just a few.
When there are stuffed plush UFO catchers of anime characters, they usually
come in SD form, so the 'cute' look sells too.
 However, the SD element of Gundam has become quite big in itself. Although
to my knowledge the Gundams never shrink into SD size during funny momments
in the series, whole model kit lines, manga, video games, and even a short
OAV series have sprung around Super-deformed Gundam, or SD Gundam for short.
One of the most popular lines involves putting the Gundam in samurai or
knight armor, and I think this is known as "Musha Gundam" or "BB senshi"
 It's quite bizzare but kind of funky too. There's something hilarious about
the googly eyes most of the SDs have...
 I'm thinking of drawing an SD Gundam manga, anybody have any ideas for

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What is a Super-Deformed MS?

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