Edward Ju (gundam@loop.com)
Sat, 16 Sep 2000 12:09:28 -0700

> I sent this out a few days ago and never got any responses, so let
>me try again. Okay, I know people have asked about panel lines over and
>over and over. Sorry for all you veterans but, when is the best time to
>fill in panel lines? Is it before, during, or after you build a model?

Depends on whether you paint your kit or not. If you don't paint, it's
doesn't really matter when you fill them in although I'd recommend doing
it during or after assembly, since some of the corrent designs use the
seam lines to double up as panel lines. If you paint, definitely wait
until the paint dries, which happens after assembly.

>I finally got a Gundam Marker, and want to build my 1/144 Nu Gundam, and
>want to know when to fill in the panel lines. Also, is there a difference
>between funnels and fannels, or did I just misread a post a long time ago
>and there is only one of them. Also, how are they different from bits,
>and how do each work?

Check with the GML archives, this is a recurring thread and may be in a
FAQ somewhere. Also check out www.gundamproject.com, this may be covered
under the tech section as well.


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