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Sat, 16 Sep 2000 11:05:45 -0700

>Well, I have Dreamcast version and I do believe DC version would have MORE
>added or equal to PSX version, but certainly not less?

As far as I can tell it's identical to the PSX version (although I haven't
played either extensively yet, if the DC version has extras over the PS
version Bandai sure would have made a big deal out of it) except that the
game loads and runs faster, thanks to the DC's superior hardware.

>Do you think you
>could please tell me now? Once again, I don't have Sega Saturn version. I
>have DC version. Could you please tell me how to get him? Or is it
>something that you would not wanna tell me about? Thanks.
>Hyun Kye

To spawn Garma's Reborn Zeon, try the following:

- Do not investigate the Fed's Operation V

- Do not send a recon team to Side 7

- When Ramba Ral requests to lead the attack on the White Base, deny him.
  If you allow it, he would be defeated. Agree to supply him if you have
  already researched and developed the Dom. This will help him kick some
  serious ass...


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