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> Ah, but you forget that this particular Presidential candidate is married
> Tipper Gore, who became famous long before her husband became Vice
> for
> her nationwide media campaign to ban explicit song lyrics.

 Not exactly accurate, the goal was not to BAN explicit lyrics, whch would
have required the repeal of the first amendment. It was to establish a
rating system similar to movies, so parents would have an idea of the level
of maturity expected of the target audience. Thus, it would help parents who
didn't want a six year old to have Eminem, but a seventeen year old might be
more suited.

The industry VOLUNTARILY placed the Explicit Lyrics tags on the albums, and
made radio edits available to big chain stores, thus ending the concern.

The music issue is dead, and is not an issue anymore. The new stink, which I
marginally disapprove of is targeting audiences too young for certain items.
I agree that I don't want my six year old nephew to see appealing ads for
Eminiem during Pokeman. But I don't care if my older nephew sees ads for
resident evil in EGM.

Well, just .02 cents.

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