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Well, I just read through the FAQ and realized that it doesn't really tell
you what to do in order to get those characters I am really sorry T.T;;;
But definitely it says there is Kishiria and Char faction in this game
so.... Sorry for not being much of help.

Hyun Kye

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>--- Hyun Kye <h_kye@skidmore.edu> wrote:
>> Hmmmm, that sounds quite wierd.
>> Does Sega Saturn
>> version have first 100
>> turns as ONe Year War, and they you have unlimited
>> amout to turns to play
>> the next one? If not, then HOw is your game
>> designed?
>Oh, I see, you have the dreamcast. That's the newest
>version, as far as I can tell from combing the ML
>archives. I don't know the differences between the
>Dreamcast and the PSX version, except some folks on
>this ML were reporting bugs with the dreamcast
>(according to the archives)
>The SS and the PSX versions are quite different.
>First, SS has the game all on one disk and only goes
>up to the end of the One Year War. There's a bonus
>disk, with save games on it and some other stuff I
>don't know about. The PSX version has two disks, the
>first being the One Year War and the second goes up to
>the end of Zeta Gundam. The Saturn version has 150
>turns for the entire game. The list of differences
>goes on and on...
>> Anyway, if you still can't figure out what I am
>> talking about, I will send
>> you the address FAQ which someone wrote based on
>> Saturn version. BBai.
>A FAQ for the Saturn version? I got the PSX page link
>from the archives (jboren's page), but never found one
>on the Saturn. Maybe there's something in there
>that'd help me get Kishiria's, Char's or Jamitov's
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