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>Chris Maier wrote:
>> Do these differ in any way, quality, size, construction or poseability from
>> the G Generation 0 model kit line? Call me crazy but I'm fond of chibi
>> Gundams and other mecha.
>> I do have my eyes on that mini GP03....
>> Chris

In response to this e-mail thread, I'm putting my review on the SD GP-03 I did on another mecha-related mailing list. Here goes:


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Special Toys got a new stock of gundam stuff, most of them the new SD G Gen Zero and F kits, and the new 1/144 Gundam Wing kits (they have different box artwork from the first release and IIRC they have pilot figures included). Anyway, here's the review:

A. Initial Impression
The SD Dendrobium Orchis and Stamen costs 700 pesos at Special Toys (I got mine from SM North EDSA). The box is as big as the 1/144 Gundam 0080 kits like the Hygog and Rick Dom II, and to say the least, it's even more voluminous than most, if not all 1/144 kits, although the model itself isn't that massive. It's mostly hollow, especially the Orchis.

B. GP-03S Stamen
The Stamen is great - it has loads of articulation for an SD kit. The head not only moves left to right, it can also move up and down. The arms are attached to the shoulder blocks just as a regular SD kit, but this time it can move around, not like the previous ones which only moves in unison with the shoulder block. The feet are attached using ball joints on the inside of the completed skirt, instead of the regular male and female attachment. The upper torso can "open up" to allow the Stamen to dock with the Orchis, but more on that later. The tail binders are sort of flimsy, especially when docking, but whether it can last remains to be seen. The backpack-mounted beam saber holders also moves, to allow docking. The Stamen has one beam rifle, one bazooka, one beam saber, and one shield (non-folding though).

C. GP-03 Orchis
The Orchis is big - even bigger than most, if not all 1/144 models, and in some cases even looks bigger than some 1/100 models like the Wing Gundam, although the Orchis is mostly hollow space. The weapons pods are nothing more than a "shell," although it has opening covers for the left and right weapons pod groups. The weapons pods container is attached to the main body by a strut that has a swiveling mechanism which swings the pod container up by 90 degrees to allow docking. The long beam rifle seems kinda "short" - I expected it was a bit longer even if it was in SD scale. The I-field barrier generator is bigger than I expected though. The two claw arms can open, albeit only to allow the beam saber of the Orchis to be inserted - securing the saber requires closing the claw, as there are no other attachment points.

D. Docking
The Stamen can "open up" using a joint in its waist and in the backpack assembly, which lets the lower body swing away by around 45 degrees. The beam saber holders on the backpack are swung into near the head, then tail binder is then put farther back. The beam saber holders are then pressed down into the tail binders to secure it. To dock the Stamen, the Orchis' weapons pods container is swung up, and the Orchis is inserted. There are two attachment guides, one in the Orchis' strut, and the other one near the front, in the part where the upper torso of the Stamen touches the Orchis. The weapons pod container is then put back down.

E. Overall
For me, it's worth the price. I may not be able to buy the B-Club version, but at least I have an SD version (what happened to that 10,000 Yen kit that was rumored a while back in the Gundam Mailing List???). I'm still painting it as of the moment, and I expect to finish it by Monday as I still have an exam this Saturday.

Next up...the SD G Generation F "Char's Mobile Suits," once I get my hands on that - it costs 1,250 Pesos, but I think it's worth it as it has five SD MS that Char used - the Zaku, Gelgoog, Rick Dom, Zeong, and the Gundam.

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