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Subject: [gundam] CG Gelgoog

>I've finally decided to finish up my CG Gelgoog. It still needs a lot of
>detailing, and the textures are just placeholders for now, but I thought
>show it to you guys for suggestions. The midsection is a little bit fat,
>but I think I've pretty much captured the character of the MS. Any
>suggestions would be appreciated. :)


>Peter Savin

The model looks great. The midsection is just about right as the gelgoog
was rather fat (Only the Gelgoog Jaeger seemed to have lost some weight! ^o^
) The head definitely could use some work as it seems a bit out of
proportion (I compared it to the line-art on my MS Encyclopedia '98). The
eye slit is too Zaku-ish. The Gelgoog's momo eye slit is more like an X it
looks kinda like this >--<.

Overall, it looks absolutely wonderfull. I can't wait to see the finished

Also, I heard that Bandai has a book called "Gundam Perfect Virtual Modeler"
or something like that. I think that should help.
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