Sir Loin of Beef (
Sat, 16 Sep 2000 15:51:15 +0800

>It's about time that they came out with a new 1/144 Dom, period. As for the
>FZ Zaku...why not? a Zaku is always welcome :). As for the Cima Gelgoog,
>probably be a recolor version with new gun, and then the Xammel? I dunno, that
>seems far off. I can imagine the gp04 and the GM stuff,but the Xammel still

Sheesh... and this rumor right after I finished my FG Zaku to Zaku f2

I can't help wondering though, why didn't they decide to make a normal Dom
first? Wouldn't it be easier to retool it as the Rick Dom and package it in
a new box?

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