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<< really hope the three kits we've heard of are the start
 of a lot of 0083 kits. I also hope that the GM cannon II, should it be
 released comes with the option of opening all the armor hatches, like Mora
 instructed in Episode 8. >>

  I do too. While I do like MG kits, their size is a bit too big for me.
1/144 and the MSiA sizes are my favorite sizes. I'd like to have some HG UC
GM's, espcailly the one from 0079 and the two 0083 GM's that have been
released as MG's. The GM Cannon II is that armored GM with the shoulder
cannon's from 0083, isn't it? I like that one as well.

  I want JUST the GP04 Gundam made in HG UC. What would be nice is a MSiA
Orchis and Stamen combo set. They are making the huge MSiA Big Zam that costs
like $50, so it shouldn't be hard to do an Stamen and Orchis or even a Xammel
at least as MSiA's, if nothing else. I hope the MSiA's will have a long life.


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