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Actually it's Zaku F2 not FZ
I can see the Xammel being a problem, it's really sort of more like an MA
than an MS. But I'd love to see a model anyhow, the Xammel is one of my
favorite underrated Zeon MS.
 I also wonder if the GP-01 will give way to more Gundams being placed in
the HGUC line. I think the HGUC line, with the introduction of chrome
special editions, is starting to evolve into a mini MG line....
Anyway, 0083 is MAJORLY unrepresented in the plastic model world, apart from
the Gundams and the Tetra we have the two GMs from the series in MG form but
that's about it. I really hope the three kits we've heard of are the start
of a lot of 0083 kits. I also hope that the GM cannon II, should it be
released comes with the option of opening all the armor hatches, like Mora
instructed in Episode 8.
Speaking of recolors, I wonder where Char's/Quattro's Rick Dias is on the
horizon? Shouldn't be too hard for Bandai to remold the thing

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>YES! I love the Tropen design, and the Zaku F2's cool too, even if not much

>of a departure design-wise from the original Zakus. It almost seems to me
>that with the GP-01 and Gelgoog marine, we'll see a good number of 0083
>1/144s being released fairly soon. I personally hope we'll see the Xammel,

>Cima's Gelgoog marine, an improved Gerbera Tetra, GM Kai and GM Cannon II
>soon as part of HGUC.

It's about time that they came out with a new 1/144 Dom, period. As for the
FZ Zaku...why not? a Zaku is always welcome :). As for the Cima Gelgoog,
probably be a recolor version with new gun, and then the Xammel? I dunno,
seems far off. I can imagine the gp04 and the GM stuff,but the Xammel still
seems off for me.

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